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rickdavisLEGAL is a law firm built for real estate investors that challenges the norm by offering flat rates and ditching billable hours. We also offer our Guarded Pockets™ and DIY Legal Store.  Guarded Pockets™ is a subscription program that provides unlimited legal advice to real estate investors.  DIY Legal Store is an online repository of legal forms for Kansas and Missouri. Services provided by rickdavisLEGAL include entity formation, general legal advice and guidance, contract drafting and review, quiet titles, foreclosures, trustee sales, evictions, and litigation.


As a law firm built for real estate investors, we focus on building ongoing relationships with our clients.  By getting to know you and your investment business, we can provide customized and practical advice.  This includes telling you when you might not need a lawyer or alternatives to avoid litigation.


We also don’t bill by the hour.  Instead, we charge a fair and transparent fixed fee for all of our services.  These fees are all-inclusive, meaning “what you see is what you pay.”  You can view all of our pricing — and sign up for services — right on our website.


Instead of assigning cases to young associates that have no experience with real estate investment, we utilize a unique “hub and spoke” format for our clients.  The “hub” is Rick Davis, an attorney who has been working with real estate investors in Kansas and Missouri since 2015.  The spokes are contract attorneys, paralegals, and assistants who provide specific tasks as part of a file.


For example, Rick may send an attorney to handle a specific court appearance.  This attorney is given detailed instructions for that specific hearing.  That attorney then reports back to Rick, who determines the next steps in the file.  This ensures that the attorney knows exactly what to do — even if he or she is a newer attorney.


A similar process is used for drafting contracts.  Rick may have another attorney or paralegal create a rough draft of a contract.  That being said, Rick reviews the rough draft prior to it ever leaving our office.


This model allows us to expand and contract to meet the needs of our clients.  It also Rick to remain the primary contact on every file and that you aren’t paying for someone to learn the area of law.  You never get billed for office consultations or research.  When you hire rickdavisLEGAL, you get Rick Davis, not some unknown lawyer.


In addition to owning a law firm built for real estate investors, Rick Davis also owns rickdavisTITLE.  rickdavisTITLE is an agent of Old Republic and able to handle closings and issue title insurance.  Similar to rickdavisLEGAL, rickdavisTITLE was built for real estate investors.  As such, rickdavisTITLE can handle investor-specific transactions, like assignments, double closings, and subject to transactions.  We also utilize the same “hub and spoke” model.  As such, you get Rick with every file, but we can also move faster than most title companies.


Rick Davis is a real estate attorney and investor who has been a member of MAREI since 2017 and is the owner of rickdavisLEGAL (a law firm), rickdavisTITLE (an investor-focused title company), Guarded Pockets (a subscription service for real estate investors), and DIYLegalStore.com (a repository of legal forms for Kansas and Missouri).  Rick posts videos on legal and real estate topics relevant to real estate investors in Kansas and Missouri on his YouTube channel, Real Estate Law Live. He also regularly speaks at local real estate investor groups, including MAREI, as well as teaching legal education classes to other lawyers on topics ranging from real estate law to legal ethics.








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